White Light - Lasers - Galaxies and Then Some

White Light - Lasers - Galaxies and Then Some
Ages 7-12
Children explore science as a fun and exciting process of investigation. Each day weconduct experiments, discover the amazing, and test our own ideas.  You will learn aboutlasers. Dancing, swirling, pulsating laser light will be part of our Laser Light Show. Work with our light blitzer as a laser light flashes to music. Build and take home your own kaleidoscope, spectroscope, periscope and constellation watcher.  Watch the constellations in our room and learn about all the planets as you take our 3-D Adventure into outer space! 
#033       Wed & Thurs, July 11 & 12
               8:30 am-2:30 pm
               2 days, $175, limit 20
               Old Town Hall
               Instructor: Sciensational Workshops


SUMMER REGISTRATION POLICY: Registration must take place one week prior to the program start date, or a $25.00 Late fee will be charged. No refunds/credits available to those who register within one week of the start date.

ALL participants (youth & adults) must have a completed & signed Emergency Information Sheet on file in order to participate in Rec programs. Registration over the phone will not be permitted without an emergency sheet on file for the registrant. Online registration requires a Waiver Form be electronically signed, however an Emergency Sheet is still required for all participants regardless of how registration occurs.  Emergency Sheets are available online at the Rec website under “FORMS” or in the Rec office and can be mailed, dropped off, emailed or faxed to Rec.