Kensington 'Farm to Table' Home Economics

Ages 7+
This fun, hands-on program addresses the relationship between the student, families, communities and the environment in which they live. Activities will not only teach children how to best care for themselves, but how to care for others as well. Topics include: Civility, organizational skills, orderly behavior, task responsibly, food & nutrition, table setting, and the making of the fresh Kensington ‘Farm to Table’ salad. This (6) week program includes: All materials, a sit down snack and beverage during each class  and the Kensington Grand Finale with a parental invite. All students will participate in the Kensington Anti Bullying Pledge. Project: The making of the Kensington ‘Farm to Table’ salad Art Project: Handmade Thank You cards
#547 Fri, begins Feb 9, 4:00-5:30 pm- Cancelled
#548 Fri, begins April 27, 4:00-5:30 pm
6 classes, $150, limit 16
Town Offices – 2nd Floor
Conference Room
Instructor: Kensington Enrichment

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